Evidence Photos

July 27, 2001

Abingdon, VA to Elk Garden

More Rain. Against our better judgement (at least Mieko's we) departed the hotel as planned. We got a
little wet but made it to our destination without problem.

Shots of downtown Meadowview . Of all the stores you see here only one, the blue storefront on the far left, is still in business.
I'm sure someone sat down and decided to make old west style town square. The irony, of course,
is how quickly and easily the place turned into a near ghost town. However, I don't want to paint too gloomy a picture....
just after this picture was taken a bight red and shiney Coka-Cola truck went by.

Hayters Gap Community Center, an amazingly beautiful oasis of picnic tables and bathrooms.

Overflowing creek in Hayters Gap. More than one driveway was underwater.

Well watered Virginia countryside. Mieko thinks its a step down from the last couple of weeks but it looks OK to me.

After a 4 mile uphill climb we got a 4 mile earned decent, only broken by a series of hairpin curves.
The above cows did not like Mieko riding by, probably due to her matador-style flapping red jacket,
and moved toot-sweet to the other side of the field.

A student practises at the South West Virginia Tractor Trailor Driving School., and I don't mean a bicycle with a B.o.B.
The school is located just down the road from The Oak Motel, our home for the evening.

The TV in our room at the Oak Motel. How long has it been since you've seen a TV without a remote control?
Still, a clean room for $35 is hard to beat.
Next to the TV is the Sony VAIO we use to put together this page.