Evidence Photos

July 25, 2001

Troutdale, VA to Abington

Owners of the Fox Hill Inn, David and Jan, with shots of Jan's garden on the left and right.
Jan has been the town doctor for 25 years, up until recently caring for a 5,000+ community completely by herself.
Everyone who goes for a med school interview talks about helping people but this lady has devoted a lifetime to doing it

The house that David built, literally.
Built by hand of local materials, Dave has put together a really comfortable inn, welcoming to Appalachian Trail hikers,
families and anyone who wants to get away from the city life. But it's more than that.
David, the 10 year President of the local chamber of commerce, sees it as an example of how the area
can move from near subsistence farming to the kind of tourism that both generates revenue and keeps it in the local community.

The sidewalk in Damascas. The tiles carry messages from people who, I assume, have completed the entire Appalachian Trail.

This picture is dedicated to RWS. A sign inside Damascus.

If every day was like today I wouldn't even question the sanity of spending 3+ months on our bikes.
Beautiful scenery, a few gentle grades up, lots of long runs down,, a great breakfast at Fox Hill Inn followed by two more good meals.

Mieko freezes in a freak July snow storm. OK, it's not exactly snow but the styrofoam shavings from work being
done to the front of the hotel sure make a good picture.