Evidence Photos

July 24, 2001

Wythville, VA to Troutdale

We're not worthy! We're not worthy! (2)
Jason and Natasha, finishing up their West to East ride in time to start their last year of college. These guys truck, 12 days
without a rest day, 20,000 watt smiles and tons of self confidence. I think the first thing they said to us was "we heard
about you...the couple with the walkie-talkies." Yep, that's us.

Rural Retreat, a town we passed through. Not quite sure what these red things are for, or what the town is
for when you get down to it. Still, a neat name.

The weather started turning rough/the tiny ship was tossed/if it weren't for the courage of a fearless crew the Minnow would be lost.
These clouds dumped something like 2 inches of rain on us in less than 30 minutes.

Just before pulling into the parking lot of the Sugar Grove Dinner (it's not in downtown Sugar Grove, it is downtown Sugar Grove)
my front derailer went all to heck. Seemed to be bent _way_ to heck, hitting the frontgears and locking the chain. Happily
before doing too much damage bending it back I figured out the that the above screw had come loose, the thing had rotated
and thus was at an odd angle. Just after I got it working I met Dean of Dean's Bike Shop (guy on left) who confirmed that it
was adjusted OK. It's nice to have a pro think your seat-of-the-pants repairs will actually hold.

Its around 2:00PM and we are seeing more clouds. Between these and time lost with the derailer
we decided not exercise the better half of valor, not go the remaining 33 miles to Damascus, our
planned stop for the day. Instead we eased 8 miles down the road to Troutdale. We stayed at the Fox Hill Inn, a great place.

Here's a shot from the inn's porch. The clouds have parted and it's hard to believe it had been raining.
Talk about miles and miles of miles and miles.
To go to dinner David and Jan (see the next page) lent us their truck and we drove 6 miles.