Evidence Photos

July 23, 2001

Rest Day in Wytheville, VA

A water tower and office supply store sign in Wytheville, pronounced With-ville.

A charming a little town.

The Log House where we enjoyed lunch. The main building in the picture on the right was built in the 18th century.
The picture on the left is the building from the side and on the right the garden.
The area behind the restaurant had a couple of small gift/antique shops and a deli.

Two churches in Wythville. Most of rural Virginia seems to have a ratio of 5 churches for each retail store,
the only exception being antique shops. I think the church to antique shop ratio is probably only 3:1.

Mieko wanted a beer and asked the waitress what O'douls was like.
The waitress didn't know so Mieko decided to try it. Mieko was not happy to figure out it wasn't alcoholic.