Evidence Photos

July 22, 2001

Christiansburg, VA to Wytheville

One of many 4 footed welcoming committies we've run into. So far we've had absolutely no problems.
Even dogs off leads who've run up to the bikes have only sniffed, wagged their tails and gone back home.
Still, for people who don't like dogs it could be pretty stressful.
When we hit Kentucky, legendary for stray dogs, we may pick up some dog repellent.

This may look like a picture of beautiful Claytor Lake State Park, and in fact it is.
Trails, fishing, boating. Too bad I missed a turn here and took us about a mile and a half up the side of a mountain.
Going down was about 2 minutes, but the climb up before we figured out we were wrong was a hard 30 minutes.
Sorry Mieko.

One of many, many antique stores we've seen. Judging by what we pass on the road,
the economy or rural America is based on churches and antique stores, with gas, food and lodging a very distant second.
Here we have a dinning table, 6 chairs and a sideboard with a $5500.
I don't know how much that would come down if you bargained, but it would sure take some time
to restore the furniture to a usable state.

Sunset at the end of a very, very long day.

Perry, Briyn and Beppie at the Hampton Inn in Wythville. They found us a room when there wasn't one, lent us
their washer and offered a ride into town for dinner. Definitely going the extra mile. Probably not a coincidence that
they also had the best free breakfast of any hotel I've visited. Thanks!!!

The book made today sound easy. It turned out to be 99.9 kilometers over some pretty major hills, maybe the
third toughest day so far. Mieko declares tomorrow a rest day and Bill doesn't have the energy to protest.