Evidence Photos

July 21, 2001

Troutville, VA to Christiansburg

Nannies Market,a little bit outside Trouville. On the left is Allie, head of Customer Relations and Public Relations. On the right
is the very cheerful, and newly married, DL. Part country store and part restaurant Nannies was featured on the cover of Fortune
some time ago as part of a story about people who work at night.

A very tired Mieko outside the general store in Draper. Met a number of people; two recent grads from DC
who were doing the same trip we were and a local who talking about helping a retired police officer doing the trip
after a bad spill. The man picked himself up the next day and when last heard from was crossing The Rockies.

More beautiful Virginia countryside. Maybe a few more ranches than previous days, but really nice.

We're not Worthy! We're not Worthy!
Jock and Heidi, brother and sister who started the ride in Oregon and would be finishing on the East Coast.
A week or so and they'll have done it. Both we're pulling B.o.B.s and making great time. Their advice: In 2-3 weeks your body will get used
to the work.In hot weather take 20-30 minute breaks in convenience stores. They've now reached the point where 70 miles feels
like a half day. We're Not Worthy!