Evidence Photos

July18, 2001

Vesuvius To Lexington

A nearly perfect ride. There was a little bit of rain, but the weather was for the most part cool and clear.
The ride started off with an amazing downhill ride on Route 56 and continued without any too terribly difficult terrain.
Above are Greg and Geoff, two cyclists we met doing the same route. These guys were probably going 50% faster than us,
though they dropped their pace and we sped up to ride together for about 10 miles.
Because of limited annual vacation these guys were dong the coast-to-coast
in 3 segments of around a month each year.

Sorry, couldn't resist.
This is me riding between parts of the VMI campus just after we entered Lexington. It was a great day in Lexington.
We got there just before lunch so there was time to see the town, enjoy a few good meals
and Andy at Lexington Bike Shop put a new chain on my bike

Some shots from around Lexington, a beautiful town of red brick and Victorian architecture
where the memories of Stonewall Jackson and Robert E. Lee remain strong.

Patricia Mountain, proprietor of the Military Memorabilia musuem
The museum was built to house the collection of her late husband Ron and features uniforms and weapons from around the world.
Patricia is also the mother of Lance Mountain, the well known skateboard rider. I cam accross the museum mostly by chance
as it its next to the bike shop where I had my chain replaced, but I'm glad I did.
It's a must-see for anyone with an interest in military history and Patricia's passion for her collection is obvious.

After dinner we took The Ghost Tour, a 90 minute walking tour of Lexington and its ghosts. The tour wasn't bad,
and Lexington has the history for ghosts but I wish our guide had taken his subject just a little more seriously. $8/person for adults.