Evidence Photos

July17, 2001
Rest Day, Vesuvius

Rest Day! Not really planned, but between bodies a little worn out by the ride up and over the Blue Ridge,
a need to update the page and the comfort of Sugar Tree Inn it just felt like the right thing to do.

Here's some of the equipment we are using-

Bike Gloves

High cushioned for thin-skinned city slickers, they do produce some interesting tan lines,
as you can see in the picture of Mieko's hand below.

The sun tan dot on the back of the hand, half-way between Mieko's watch and thumb
is from an open space on top of the glove where a piece of velcro keeps the glove closed..

Mieko's CamelBak water carrier

The basic concept is a bladder inside a knapsack and tube with a bite valve. The tube comes over your shoulder.
If you want a drink all you need to do is bite down on the valve and suck a little.
Because the tube is right there you can drink without breaking your rhythm (not true for water bottles)
and you are less likely to forget to drink. My CamelBak is 3 liters, Mieko's is about 2.
In a typical day we'll both drink through one full CamelBak plus a bottle or two each of cold beverages bought along the way,
often ice tea for me and water for Mieko. We also have a couple of water bottles each in case of emergency.

Maps and Guidebook

The two maps on the right are sections of the TransAmerica Bicycle Trail from the Adventure Cycling Association.
The map is done in 12 sections, with Section 12 being the most Eastward and
Section 1 being the most Westward (Oregon).;
We should should finish 12 tomorrow and move on to 11.
Bicycling Coast To Coast is a guidebook based pretty closely on the ACA maps.
As the truely sharp eyed will see from the picture above, we cut the book into thirds to save weight.
When we finish with the first third we'll have the next one sent. On the far left is a standard, commercial map of Virginia.
We use it for overview and guidance if we slip outside the narrow corridor shown int he ACA map.