Evidence Photos

July12, 2001
Louisa, Va to Charlottesville

Lots and lots of mailboxes on the road just outside of Louisa.
I'd like to say these serve lots of small farms or something, but actually I think it was more like a trailer park.

Trying to give you an idea of the amazing weather we've encountered.
Most of the day was around 75 degrees F with a pretty low humidity. Hard to ask for much more.

Tinsleys in Palmyra. Mieko and I both ordered their Big JT ($4.69) jumbo burger, about the size of two normal
American hamburgers. More surprisingly, we both finished them and the mountan of fries they came with..
I think we're easily taking in twice the calories we would in normal life.
A nice couple in the restaurant told us Charlettesville was all downhill from Palmyra.
It's true it was more down than up, but it was definately a bit of a roller-coaster
with a little bit of Mieko bike pushing at the end.

A picture of coming attractions...the MOUNTAINS, looms in the distance.
Our second 55+ mile, high-hill day in a row.