Evidence Photos

July13 & 14, 2001
Rest Days in Charlottesville

Mieko Powers Up on Main Street in the town of Thomas Jefferson

One thing about the South: you get great ice tea, and lots of it. Here I am enjoying some in the Charlottesville. Downtown District.

Great architecture in a real university town.

I think I know why UVA students love their school so much.
Can anyonte tell me what this Z means? I hear it's part of a secret society, but I'd love to hear the details.

The man in the picture is Dave, our waiter at the Immigrant Soul Cafe (tasty place...check it out)
and professional Rock 'N Roll drummer. The tattoo on his arm roughly translates to Drumming With My Heart And Soul.
It was appearantly traced from the arm of another drummer who realized how much effort Dave had been putting into his music.
And that drummer had gotten his tattoo traced from the arm of yet another drummer.