Evidence Photos

July11, 2001
Ashland, VA to Louisa

Grand Central Station, Ashland, VA. Also contained a visitors center.
When we went by it was early so we couldn't stop, but I'd have loved to check it out.

The home of Patrick Henry, route 685, Scotchtown, VA.
It's not well makred and easy to go right past. If you want to check it out turn right (if you're coming from
Ashland) and its directly ont he right. It's easy to go right passed so be careful. Its a nice house but simple,
a good reminder that even rich and important people lived a pretty hard life on the frontier.
There were plans to build a castle here, but some of the workers died, the rest went back to Scottland.
Like I said, it was a hard life.

General store, I'm pretty sure in in Hanover County along Rt. 671.
Conversation inside was mostly about a local guy who recently lost a calf.
To me it was a good reminder just how hard the farming life is.

Rural Va. We got a little lost here Still not sure exactly what we did wrong, but did about a 3 hour hot circle
until we got back to route 680. We had planned to stay at Lake Anna but couldn't find a campsite
so we pushed on to Louisa and stayed at the Rebel Motel.
Lesson for the day: The Adventure Cycling maps are great if you know where you are going,
but since they only show a narrow corridor they aren't much good if you take a sidetrip
or even a wrong turn. Detailed state maps are well worth their weight.