Evidence Photos

July10, 2001
Richmond, VA to campsite near Ashland

A scene along 637/Atlee Station Road between Richmond and Ashland.
Nice road, It was around here that we found the first _real_ hill of the trip.
Not long, but very, very steep. I got to the top but was nearly hyperventilating.
Mieko demonstrated the better part of valor and pushed her bike..

This picture was taken in an American supermarket for our Japanese viewers.
Here are the things that make American supermarkets ill-ass wicked:
BIG portions, pre-washed veggies and lots and lots of variety.

A warm afternoon.

Mieko enjoys the first night in her new home.
We stopped at AmeriCamp Richmond North outside of Ashland. Think big RV parking lot
with a little gravel area they rent to people with tents. It was pretty neat...
being near two major migration routes we could hear the Airbrake Bird, Bob-Tailed SUV
and other animals all night. We also say Xeon-Discharge Fireflies,
who lit the tent with their natural pure white-light high intensity beauty.