Evidence Photos

July 9, 2001
Richmond, VA

Disaster strikes! Lessons Learned! Agees Bicycles Rocks!
Leaving the hotel what did I hear but a few odd sounding clicks. A moment later
my chain is skipping all over the rear gear cluster and a second or two after that
my rear wheel is locked. Problem: derailer had been bent, got caught into the spokes
and dragged as wheel turned, bending the spokes, cracking the derailer and bending spokes a little.
What a mess.
How'd it happen? I think it was me turning the bike too tightly against the B.o.B.
Here's the deal...the B.o.B. doesn't back up well. In the hotel room there wasn't space
to turn the bike in a circle. So I just picked it up the bike, and forced
the B.o.B to turn , pivoting on its rear wheel.. I think that caused the B.o.B.
arms to press hard enough on the derailer/drop-out to bend them.
The good news: pushed the bike a couple of miles to Agee's Bicycles.
The mechanic on duty, John, somehow found me a new Trek dropout (thank you!),
sold me a derailer, fixed the spokes and got me the bike back the same day.
I wasn't really looking for a rest day, but it could have been far, far worse.

Some historical type builidng in Richmond.

Richmond is having a Go Fish campaign featuring these Rockfish.
There are 130 of them all over the city.