Evidence Photos

Aug 4, 2001

Irvine to Berea, KY

Our support teams comes through! Thanks Sarah! Meiko's American insurance card and a few other pieces of paper await us at
Hazard, General Delivery. The guy at the post office said he was expecting me. Small towns can be fun.

Check it out! Top speed of 199 MPH and no, this is not a faked photo. What you are seeing is what happens when my speedometer gets wet.
It seems to accurately track milage/speed but will not display it right.

Here's a little stand in Irvine, and the first man who accurately told us what to expect between Irvine and Berea, our next stop.
Turns out the guy was civil engineer with the imagination to understand just how different a 2.5% and 3.5% grade are
when you're the engine.

Kentucky in the rain. Think Virginia with more ranches and fewer hills.

Horse Shoe Bend Grocery 15 miles or so outside Berea. The man on the left is the owner. He also has a race horse breeding,
log splitting and construction business. Guy sure knows how to keep busy.
Talking about other bicyclists we learned that two tall, blond guys without trailers had passed through
yesterday. We talked a little more and YES!!! It was @Erick and Geoff. Geoff must have gotten his bike fixed the day right after the accident
and just pressed on. Even assuming a few short cuts all I can say is
wow...way to rock!

This picture from Berea. Looks like a new age temple but its an elementary school and community center.