Evidence Photos

Aug 29, 2001
Natchez, MI to Baton Rouge, LA

Another rainy day in Missouri, I mean, Louisiana, I mean Mississippi. All cats are grey in the dark (when Thomas Edison said
that he wasn't talking about felix domesticus, fwiw) and by the same token states around the river tend to blur together in
the rain and mist. Natchez to me is mainly the one with the plantation houses in the middle of town (it was appearantly in
style to live off-site, kind of like telecommuting). and with the requiste casino boat moored at the river bank.

Left is ivy growing near the very nicely done visitor center. Lots of water, high tempature and (I'm assuming)
river silt soil means some very thick vegetation. Mieko on the right is wearing her rain gear under her leather jacket.

OK, the pictures above aren't wonderful, but there is a story attached to them.

We hit Baton Rouge in a heavy down pour, saw the Sheraton logo and checked in. Beautiful new hotel and conference center with an attached
casino boat (walkway goes from the hotel to the boat) and a really friendly and helpful staff a bargain at $70 a night. The hotel felt empty except for an
Apache crew putting up for the night to avoid flying in the storm and us. On the right is a bank of phones in the hotel. The interesting part
was the phone books....they all had the hotel section torn out. Hum.

Restaurants in booming down town Baton Rouge. OK, in fairness to Baton Rouge I understand a number of Southern down towns
are like this, genuinely business only places with no services after business (that means bankers', not dot commers') hours.
I hear the area around the
university is a little more happening.

More down town Baton Rouge

Count Zero putting the finishing touches on his poem "I think therefore I am...confused." The only place we could find to eat was M's Cafe, a poetic
space. We wandered into the Grand Slam Finals. Grand Slam is a poetry contest. It's called Grand Slam because the poets slam shut their books and recite
from memory. The judges (I think there were 5 of them) then hold up their scores like Olympic judges. Not surprisingly the poems are closer to rap and
performance art than Shakespear but most of them were clever and well done. Count Zero, by the way, rocked and no he did not take the
name from the cyperpunk novel.