Evidence Photos

Aug 28, 2001
El Dorado, AK to Natchez, MI

The bison in El Dorado pictured above lives above a tire store not too far from our hotel and just near a stop light.
Every time we stopped he looked like he was going to say something but somehow shied away from opening his mouth.
With 20/20 hindsight I bet he was going to deliver a rain warning.
On right, a shot of downtown.

2001 miles! Check it out

Made by Natchez Indians, known as mound builders, the Natchez Trace runs from Nashville to Natchez and I understand continues south
to New Orleans, though after Natchez is not paved. We got onto off the 61 at a place called Port Gibson so we only rode the last 25 miles of it or so.
Still, it was an OK through-the-forest type ride. It would have been a fantastic ride if it weren't for the mixture of rain and slippery when wet
paving material. I understand that wild turkeys can often be seen on the road.

A rainy night in Natchez. On the left is the casino boat, a ubiquitous feature of Mississippi towns, on the right is a bridge over the Mississippi.
We got into town, did a circle of downtown, looked for the hotel (including an annoying ride down a long, muddy, gravel driveway--an even
worse surface for an 850 pound bike than a wet Trace), had dinner and fell asleep. I might have fallen asleep sooner had the hotel room
not been haunted, of course. Every few moments the TV would turn itself on and then off. I exorcised the ghosts by hiding the remote control,
which seemed to be sending random signals, maybe as the battery died.