Evidence Photos

Aug 27, 2001
Hot Springs, AK to El Dorado, AK

On the left is the Superior Bathhouse, no longer in operation but maintained by the National Park Service.
On the right is the mineral water dispenser in the Arlington Hotel.

All the above pictures come from the Fordyce Bathhouse, opened in the 1920 and now operated as a museum. On the left
is the Men's Bath Hall where men wrapped toga-style in bath sheets waited for their baths. The central fountain depicts
Hernando de Soto, legendary visitor to the springs in 1541, being offered hot water by an Indian maiden. In the middle is
a device from the exercise room. Look closely and you'll figure it out...an early leg extension machine!

On the left is a shot of the Arlington Hotel from the Hot Springs Mountain Tower. On the right are two
trikes in the tower's parking lot. Note stuffed animal on back.

El Dorado, Arkansas's original boom town. An old oil town it mainly posts its location within 500 miles of Dallas,
Atlanta, New Orleans, St. Louis, Memphis, Houston and Oklahoma City, about 20% of the US population. The shot on
the left is the requisite water tower, the right is the charming but rather old fashioned downtown.