Evidence Photos

Aug 26, 2001
Russelville, AK to Hot Springs, AK

Ranger Bill at the Bona Dea Trails and Sanctuary in Russellville. Mieko and I felt like a morning hike and lucked into this place.
Built and managed by the Army Corps. Of Engineers, Bona Dea sits on 186 acres and offers hiking and exercise stations.
Ranger Bill gave up a very high paying job as a lineman to teach at a special needs highschool
and works as a ranger on the weekends. Sounds like one busy guy to me!

Me and Mieko doing the paracourse. Good thing we stopped the bicycles when we did...we almost
got in shape. Paracourse showed we got out in time.

Eating lunch on a Sunday in Ruselville is not easy. I dare you to glance at this sign and tell me what their
Sunday hours are. Come on...I dare you, I double dare you.

From the day we bought the bike until today we had perfect weather. The above was shot at a random convenience store
outside Hot Springs (the picture; don't know where the deer was shot) where we stopped for water and ended up staying to avoid a pelting
rain outside. Deer hunting is quite a passion in these parts.

Welcome to Hot Springs! Had I known this was Bill Clinton's childhood home I probably wouldn't have come, but I'm glad I did.
Like Eureka, Hot Springs is a town that boomed due to its water, though unlike Eureka it has both hot and cold springs.
Hot Springs also has the distinction of being the country's first national park, given it's first measure of protection in 1832
when President Andrew Jackson signed an act establishing the Hot Springs Reservation.
Middle picture: Buckstaff Baths, no longer in operation but preserved by the Park Service.
Right is the Arlington Hotel, very much in operation and with a large bath.