Evidence Photos

Sep 18, 2001
Telluride, Colorado

God takes care of fools and children, and I think we double dipped today. The rain drove us to Telluride but it turned
out to be one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The place is rustic but decidedly upscale, New York prices
behind an old west facade. I don't mean to imply its a tourist trap....spending time in Telluride is worth every $12
salad. However, those of you who have a moral problem with the red-wine-and-SUV crowd should probably
steer clear. Us, we decided to stay an extra day.

Telluride is the first place since Virginia where taking a good picture was just about as easy as pointing the camera
and shooting. From left to right: main street, time share condos, trees on a mountain trail and a pond at sunset.

We stayed at the New Sheridan, the oldest hotel in town. It's got the "new" tacked onto its name 100
years ago when the original building burned down and was rebuilt. Recently renovated, the hotel was
completely modern on the inside, all in all a good balance of old and new. Each room comes with a
teddy bear (if you want to take it home its a $30 adoption fee).

If you like watching big, happy dogs Tellyuride is the place to be.
It seems like everyone who lives there has a pet, and most of them take it to work with them.
In the middle above is one of several puppy parking places. Notice the free plastic bags. On the right is a friendly gallery attendant,
on the left is River busily guarding his person's truck.