Evidence Photos

Sep 16, 2001
Santa Fe, New Mexico to Durango, Colorado

Immediately after we hit the road, the road hit us. OK, we didn't go down but we did run into some heavy rain.
We dove for the nearest shelter, which happened to be a Pizza Hut. We walked in dripping wet,
asked to borrow a towel and they gave us half a roll of handi-wipes. They also made it stop raining.
When we stepped out half an hour later the weather was beautiful.
The bad news is it started raining again later. Ah well, it was still an amazingly gorgeous ride.

Cross atop a cliff. I don't know who is burried there but they sure got a great view.
Real score if the dead guy is a true connoisseur of sand and rock.

The Rio Grande. Agricultural use has left is slighly less grande but it was still cool to see it.

More shots of the Rio Grande, just near the Colorado border.

Welcome to Colorful Colorado. It's amazing. It seems like just immediately after you step over the state line
the scene changes from desert to lush.

If you had told me in March that Mieko and I (Mieko? On a bike?) were going to ride a BMW touring bike 5000 miles
I would never, never ever of believed you. But it happened, and here's the proof.