Evidence Photos

Sep 11, 2001
San Antonio, Texas to Fredericksburg, Texas

This was the day a group of terrorists hijacked 4 airliners, flew two of them into the World Trade Center and a third into
the Pentagon. The fourth airliner crashed in an empty field after passengers revolted against the hijackers, killing all on
board but doing no damage on the ground. By 10:00AM or so I was able to confirm that a loved one at the Pentagon was
OK. After some reflection Mieko and I decided we weren't going to give the monsters that did this the satisfaction of any
reaction and tried to have a normal day. We succeeded in having normal activities but it was a day of slow motion, of
eating without being hungry, of looking at sights without really seeing them.

I turned on CNN perhaps 10 minutes after the first plan hit the WTC, in time to watch the second plane hit, live. Even
without the constant replay it was a sight that I will never forget, much as I'd like to.

Our first stop of the day was the Alamo, San Antonino's best known attraction and a major source of Texas pride. I couldn't for the life of me remember
the history of the place, but having now seen it and seen it when we did I don't think I'll forget it again. When Texas was still a state of Mexico a
man named General Antono Lopez de Santa Anna suspended the Mexican constitution and tried to take absolute control of Texas. Bad idea. Resisting Santa
Anna and his large army were Colonel William Travis and 200 or so men. Travis and his men holed up in the Alamo, Santa Anna attacked the fort.and after
a bloody 13 days the Alamo finally fell to Santa Anna's overwhelming fire power. Santa Anna got his shortly afterwards when he got too far in front of
his own army for protection and was assassinated. Its because of Travis and his brave fighters that the Alamo came to symbolize a heroic
struggle against overwhelming odds for a just cause.

Above is a San Antonio tour bus, empty but for Mieko and myself. While tourists weren't out doing the tourist thing I did
meet a few unintentional tourists: people whose flights had been rerouted to San Antonio as the FAA grounded all aircraft.

Mieko in front of some San Antonio churches. San Antonio is a beautiful place, a place that I understand made a
massive and very successful effort to clean itself up over the last 10 years. I'd like to come back and see the city again.

These pictures were taken in Fredericksburg. Fredericksburg was settled by German immigrants and tries for a German flavor,
featuring several beer gardens for example. However, at the end of the day it's Texas as you can see in the architecture to the left
and on the roofs of the birdhouses to the right.

This sign in the local Merrill Lynch office speaks for itself.