Evidence Photos

July 6, 2001
Day 1 of a long, long trip...

Our bikes at the Newport News airport, where we returned the car rented in DC. We rode from Newport News to Yorktown where the trip began. It was between Newport News and Yorktown that we had our first and so far only equipment failure; The fender over the rear wheel of my trailor (called a B.o.B for Beast Of Burden) came loose and was drawn into the rear wheel. I fixed it with a heavy bag tie and still haven't found a screw of the right size to do a more permanent job. If you are wondering I'm carrying about 50 pounds plus water, Mieko is humping about 30 pounds plus water.

Yorktown, VA 4:20 p.m.
Dipping our rear tires in the Atlantic. This marks the beginning of the trip. This beach was just down from the Yorktown Victory Monument. In a semi high tech ceremony Mieko took the batteries out of her bike computer just after this picture was taken to completely reset it. i couldn't bring myself to do more than zero the trip meter, but since Mieko had the instructions out I anyway went ahead and set mine to miles instead of kilometers. Oh yea, I think there was history stuff type action in the park.

Trailmix, probably consumed somewhere between Yorktown and Williamsburg. Mostly shelled sunflower seeds, M&Ms and peanuts bought seperately at a grocery store and then mixed iin Ziplock (TM) bags.