Evidence Photos

July 29, 2001

Elk Garden, VA to Breaks Interstate Park

Wow, what a day!
It was raining when we got up and the weather report said heavy rain all day. But there were periods of
relative calm and the little barometer built into my radio seemed to show a slight upward trend.
At least that is how I rationalize our decision to hit the road.
The route from Elk Garden (part of Rosedale) to Breaks in easy in concept....follow 80 West. It's a little harder in practice
because it goes up a mountain. We went about 10 miles, got hit by heavy rains and stopped for rest and shelter
in The Mountain Market, probably the only store up until the top of the mountain.
The Weather Channel was playing behind the counter. I got to the register
just in time to hear a flash flood warning. We bailed, got a ride to the top of the mountain.

Pictures from our ride to the top.
Left -- what should be a little stream is about to overflow on the road. Right -- what a good part of the road looked like.
I think in some parts it was more than 1-2 feet deep. Thank goodness the truck never slid or stalled. At one point
the road was blocked by a fallen tree. Happily there was an alternative route along the other side of the mountain.

Mike, the man who gave us the lift to the top.
Our thanks to Mike for the help, and also to Wade, owner of The Mountain Market outside
Honaker, who hooked us up. If it weren't for you guys we would have been in a world of hurt.

All's well that ends well.
The view from the lodge at Breaks Interstate Park.
And no, we didn't use Photoshop on the picture or any filters when we took it.
This really is the view.