Evidence Photos

Aug 6, 2001
Berea, KY to Harrodsburg

Dropping some weight! Here's 22 pounds of camping stuff getting mailed back to home base.
We seemed to be all-hotel anyway, figured we might as well make life a little easier.

Left is a stone post typical of the region.
Right is country store/deli that served up some pretty good sandwiches on the way to Harrodsburg.

More pictures of Kentucky. If Virginia is beautiful rolling hills, Kentucky is ranches and open fields.

Harrington Lake

Jesus and a country act advertised at a store in Burgin.
Just behind us a Fish And Game officer was having a vigorous discussion with a local person
about a third person. Sounded like everyone (the two talking and this third person) were relatives but not very happy
with each other. Phrases like "just because he's the boss's son doesn't mean he doesn't have to work" and
"couldn't get a real job" came over to our table loud and clear.
A useful reminder that politics in small towns is same as everywhere, but with fewer places to hide.