Evidence Photos

Aug 31-Sep 3, 2001
New Orleans, LA

Lucky Dogs, a New Orleans institution. The guy you see above is Gene, a merchant marine waiting for his disability check.
I mentioned Confederacy Of The Dunces and Gene gleefully recited from memory a passage that had Ignatius,
the main character and a Lucky Dog employee, standing on Canal Street and facing the wrong direction
to see the sun set over the Mississippi.

There are probably 30 palm readers and other fortune tellers in the streets around the St. Louis Cathedral. The guy on the
left was state of the art; he's actually on a Dixie Chicks CD cover, will at a drop of the hit recite a list of famous clients and
always had a line of people waiting to donate $20 or more for a 10 minute reading. I think his popularity comes from a good
use of (pseudo) science and an aura of authority. For example, he explained in convincing tones that a deep life line on
the palm is a good guide because a health fetus will open and close its hands causing the lines to form. He also did a test
where he squeezed spread fingers together and then assessed my creativity based on the way they opened again.

On the left are more Jackson Square musicians. In the middle is one of the many mimes in the French Quarter. These
guys do a little conventional miming but mostly freeze in a position, like a mannequin. The dog in the middle picture is a doll, his person
holds the caught in mid-step pose for a number of minutes. On the far right is another mime, this one just
getting ready to set up, and his dog Miss Daisy. Miss Daisy is real and doesn't seem to mind wearing the sunglasses.

Below are some random pictures from the French Quarter. Of course we picked the pictures we liked best,
but the below is pretty representative of what the place looks like.