Evidence Photos

Aug 1 and Aug 2, 2001

Pippa Passes to Hazard, KY
Hazard to Buckhorn State Park, KY

Geoff and Erick the morning after. Let's see...trashed bike, middle of nowhere.
They'll be passing us in about 3 days.

The scenery is almost as beautiful as Virginia, though somehow more arranged,
and the hills feel pretty much the same. As we move out of East Kentucky it's supposed to get easier. We'll see.

It's true: Eastern Kentucky roads are long on coal trucks, short on shoulder. And what shoulder we have is often
serrated with deep horizontal cuts in the pavement every few inches. . Good way to let a driver know they've wandered
onto the shoulder, but not a great place to ride your bike. Small pieces of coal on the road are also common.
However, for all that the trucks drove politely and the closest thing to hardship I suffered was legs covered in coal dust.

Small post offices, typical of the post offices we see every 10 miles or so.

The man made lake at Buckhorn State Park.
Up until the river was made in the 1960's approximately 50 families lived in the area, and in the late 18th century it had been
something of mini-metropolis.

Education program on nocturnal animals and Buckhorn State Park. The fox on the left is named Romeo and comes from the Sahara desert.
His large ears act as heat exchangers and also let him hear an insect walk across the sand at 50 yards.
Never know when that bit of info might come in handy.
The python on the right I'm holding (he's wearing the diamond suit, that's me in the red shirt) is from South America.